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Social Science Despite increases in gender equality and the normalization of casual sex in many cultures, the belief that women who engage in casual sex have low self-esteem remains widespread. New research examines this stereotype and finds no correlation between a woman’s sexual behavior and her self-esteem.

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Psychology Depression affects 16 million Americans and 322 million people worldwide. New study shows we can use cell phone apps to collect information from individuals with or at risk for depression, without significant burden to them, and then harness that information to design personalized treatment plans.

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Health Study: Employees who experienced higher levels of job-related physical activity reported feeling more stressed and exhausted. Conversely, when employees were able to spend more time doing leisure-time physical activity, their reports of job stress and exhaustion were lower.

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Neuroscience New study supports the theory that strong social stressors such as workplace bullying may involve activation of the neuro-immune interface and have severe physiological consequences. Workplace bullying promotes anxiety and threatens well-being through an norepinephrine associated mechanism.

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Chemistry Researchers have created a first-of-its-kind metalens—a metamaterial lens—that can be focused using voltage instead of mechanically moving its components. It opens the door to a range of compact varifocal lenses for possible use in imaging applications such as satellites, telescopes and microscopes.

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Research Study: Work requirements for SNAP don’t increase employment numbers

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Social Science A new study found that Americans dramatically overestimate the number of migrants affiliated with gangs and children being trafficked, and that this overestimation contributes to dehumanization of migrants, to lack of empathy for their suffering, and to individuals’ views on immigration policy.

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Psychology People who experience earworms regularly at night—one or more times per week—are six times more likely to have poor sleep quality compared to people who rarely experience earworms. Surprisingly, instrumental music is more likely to lead to earworms and disrupt sleep quality than lyrical music.

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Politics India’s national government has inappropriately prioritised people for covid-19 vaccination

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Chemistry Researchers from Korea utilized LiNO3 pre-planted lithium particles to design a stable, long-lasting lithium metal battery. This research is a stepping-stone towards the commercialization of large-scale Li-metal, Li-S, and Li-air batteries with high specific energy and long cycle life.

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Removed -- Rule III Study shows Amazon’s wage increase to $15 an hour also upped pay for non-Amazon workers

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Social Sciences Amazon’s pay increase in 2018 resulted in a 4.7% increase in the average hourly wage among other employers in the same labor market. The research showed no significant job losses after Amazon and other local employers raised their starting wages.

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Hardware Ultra-high-density hard drives made with graphene store ten times more data

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Physics Graphene can be used for ultra-high density hard disk drives (HDD), with up to a tenfold jump compared to current technologies. Graphene enables two-fold reduction in friction and provides better corrosion and wear than other solutions. One single graphene layer reduces corrosion by 2.5 times.

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Social Science Introducing a primary system for a randomly selected subset of races in Sierra Leone boosted the likelihood that voters got their most preferred candidates. The results of the experiment offer hope for empowering voters and improving representation in newer democracies with relatively simple reforms

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Environment Scientists have uncovered a summertime climate pattern in and around the Arctic that could drive co-occurrences of European heatwaves and large-scale wildfires with air pollution over Siberia and subpolar North America. Wildfire smoke that increases PM2.5 and heatwaves are of significant concern.

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Social Science Study: Most Californians unaware of law to prevent gun violence but would support using it. Gun violence restraining orders offer judicial pathway for removal of firearms from people at risk of causing harm. Extreme risk protection orders or “red flag” orders, exist in 19 states and DC.

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Politics Netas slam BMC over 34 Twitter handles, Rs 2 crore/year cost to run them

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Psychology Study: One in twenty workers are in useless jobs or 'bullshit jobs' — far fewer than previously thought. However, David Graeber was right to link people’s attitudes towards their jobs to their psychological wellbeing, and this is something that employers—and society as a whole—should take seriously.

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Anthropology Study: Neighborhood development indicated by fewer vacant properties, industrial and agricultural sites was associated with higher collective efficacy and less crime over time. However, restaurants, transit stations or cinemas was associated with higher theft and nuisance crimes over time.

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Economics Study: COVID-19 pandemic is likely to affect significantly households’ disposable income in the EU, with lower income households being more severely hit. However, due to policy intervention, impact of the crisis is expected to be similar to the one experienced during the 2008–2009 financial crisis.

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Social Science Counties in US with more socially vulnerable populations have a higher density of natural gas pipelines overall. The findings suggest counties that are more socially vulnerable are also at greater risk of facing water and air pollution, public health and safety issues associated with the pipelines.

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Medicine Using cultured cells to study SARS-CoV-2 infections, researchers in Japan have discovered that the drugs cepharanthine and nelfinavir are effective at combating the virus, with the former preventing the virus from entering cells and the latter preventing the virus from replicating.

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Environment For decades, wealthy nations have transported plastic trash, and the environmental problems that go with it, to poorer countries, but researchers have found a potential bright side to this seemingly unequal trade: plastic waste may provide an economic boon for the lower-income countries.

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Title taken from the research summary here (https://gendersociety.wordpress.com/2021/05/26/gender-race-and-faculty-workload-inequities/) as r/science doesn't allow Wordress URLs.